The Story...


Brie Huling is therapeutic oriented yoga teacher based in and around beautiful Eugene, Oregon. Brie came into a yoga practice several years ago while adventuring across the world from African islands to Thai jungles, Central American forests to Moroccan deserts, and finally back to Oregon to spend time with her family and mother living with terminal cancer. Throughout these wild times of exploration and diversity, Brie came to the realization that what she was searching for was already inside of her-- it had been all along! Through a personal, ocean-breath-centered practice, Brie learned to connect into the intimacy and strength to be present for herself, her family, and community.

Brie's done the bulk of her studies in Brooklyn, New York--a graduate of the Abhyasa Yoga Teacher Training Program (500 hours)- a therapeutic, breath-centered, and radical non-dualistic approach to yoga taught by the owner/director, J. Brown. Rooted in the style of Krishnamacharya/Desikachar principles. Brie has made it her responsibility to provide her students with a safe environment where they can cultivate an intimate relationship with themselves and practice self-compassion and non-judgement as they learn to meet themselves and others exactly where they are. Brie continues her intensive studies of yoga anatomy and breathing tecnniques with Leslie Kaminoff (co-founder of Breathing Project and author of Yoga Anatomy), Mark Whitwell (founder of Heart of Yoga), with Chase Bossart, deepening her studies of Pantajuli's Yogasutra, and with Amy Mathews (co-founder of BP).


Brie is a working poet and high school charter school teacher here in Eugene offering a yoga & storytelling laboratory at NCS. She teaches classes at various studios around town and on the outskirts in several rural communities. See you on the mat!